Blouson tops and other shirts wholesale

What exactly is a blouson top? I never was too clear on the difference between a blouse and a shirt, and a blouson top is some kind of combination. Some manufacturers of shirts wholesale offer blouson tops as well. They are very versatile pieces, working as formal office wear and more casual pieces. They have been adapted by many other outfits, and some of the stars were known for wearing this kind of tops. What’s great is that this kind of shirt works well with undershirts, skirts, and dresses. This is a very flattering style for many women that you should consider. It’s available in various lengths and styles.

shirts wholesaleA regular blouson top is a style of woman’s garment that is a flowing top with a more fitted waistband. It’s a “tight belt”. Some blouson tops end there, but others continue and have a length of extra fabric that covers your hips. Some blousons have regulated fitted waistband – there’s a drawstring which makes it even snugger across your waist. It resembles a shirt that’s tucked in, and which makes it more structured. Many producers offer soft, lightweight blouson tops as summer shirts wholesale for the summer tops. Dressier blousons are typically long-sleeved and made of more substantial fabric.

Blousons come also in the great variety of colors and prints. What’s great about them is that they work great for women who are wider around their lower section than at the shoulders. They can create a nice feeling of a fitted waistline, or they can disguise your stomach area if that is not your favorite feature. If you’re more of an apple figure, a blouson top may not be your top choice since it can make your figure look unbalanced.

If you have finally found the perfect blouson top, you should find some accessories and other clothes that will go with it. Since this style of top is somewhat looser, but will well-defined waist, it will go well with a pencil skirt. If you want to create a billowing effect, you should try a more fitted cardigan or blazer. This type of top often has a well-defined neckline, so many necklaces and scarves might not be effective. However, it could look good with a bolder piece of jewelry.


Bracers, suspenders and wholesale trousers

Bracers are called suspenders by Americans. This piece of rubber might seem a bit outdated these days, but nevertheless, they might be a very practical fashion accessory! Many women who have atypical bodies can benefit from bracers, especially if the local retailers don’t source wholesale trousers in your size.

wholesale trousersShould you take bracers to work? Well, it depends on the trousers you wear. I used to wear a loose pair of trousers and I might have worn suspenders, but when I worked in a major financial center I had to wear a button-down shirt and black pencil skirt all the time even though I was basically locked in a cubicle, never contacting customers face-to-face. Some employers often buy costumes for their workers – you should never wear bracers with wholesale trousers!

Why not? Well, few off-the-rack wholesale trousers these days come with button holes, especially for women. Most suspenders on the market don’t have buttons, but instead, they have metal clips or clamps. They can damage the waist of your trousers. Bracers can work best with jeans, and they are less appropriate for more elegant bottom wear.

In fact, many fashionistas insist that bracers are underwear. If working, you should hide them under the jacket. The movies show us that the police chief in shirt and suspenders is working late, he’s tired and he took off his jacket. Don’t be him, unless you, too, have your reasons! Of course, women have some opportunity to wear colorful suspenders with casual trousers like jeans. In this case, do display them, especially if they’re meant to be attractive!

Vivid bracers work best with toned down trousers and shirt. Dark navy or black jeans will be great if matched with a bright off-white shirt. For that “tough grrl” look, you can pick distressed and embellished trousers. You can top it with accessories like badges, a colorful bandana or an old-school hat.

Are leggings for workout?

I think we all know that good bottoms can make or break an outfit. If you’re looking for something to refresh your wardrobe, why not choose leggings wholesale? These tight workout pants combine style with maximum comfort. And with their flattering fit and snug, warm and comfortable feel they can work with a wide variety of sizes and of body types.

Leggings are not just for workout, these days. Ever since the body-conscious 1980s sportswear has overlapped elegant clothes. Leggings have made a comeback… since, hm, perhaps the 1790s and the dandies in powdered wigs and tights? Well, these dandies were onto something, since nothing shows a shapely leg or butt than leggings. If you pair your leggings wholesale with a nice top and shoes, you can make them elegant and casual.

leggings wholesaleMore curvy, Voluptuous women tend to dislike leggings, but stretchy pants are so comfortable. They shouldn’t think of leggings in term of skinny, tight pants – but as thick, comfortable tights! Thin materials reveal bulges – but thicker ones can smooth any imperfection. Patterned leggings can make a heavyset woman look larger, but if the patterns are vertical, they can underline its graceful shape. Choose leggings and wear them as winter tights – or just to the gym, since nobody will mind.

Lovely leggings will motivate you to work harder. If you’re anything like me you know what it’s like to exercise in brand new, well-fitting and trendy workout clothes! They are more comfortable, feel great and have extra features (like a pocket for phone or music player) that help you in the great workout. Colorful leggings can motivate you, and turn heads of onlookers as you jog past them. Synthetic fabrics don’t absorb sweat and help you feel dry, warm and comfortable. Flat seams help you minimize chafing, and zipped pockets provide you with secure storage of a phone or car keys.

Why wear the tulip skirt?

A tulip skirt is made of two interlocking panels, resembling an inverted flower. Wholesale skirts like this have been very popular recently, and for a reason. The tulip skirt works great if you have some curves and want to show them off. It’s hugging your figure and encircles your legs. It makes your hips and legs look leaner, too. There are more varieties of tulip skirts, including wrap, pencil, and maxi. You need to match the top to the style and accessorize it well.

For maxi tulip skirt, you should choose something basic and form fitting. Since the skirt is already long and has the tulip slit in the front, you need to accentuate this, not overpower it. Therefore, focus on a simple tank top or tube top. Toss a cropped jacket on if necessary. A nice idea is a pair of wedges, sandals or flip-flops.

wholesale skirtsIf the tulip skirt is pencil-style you can afford to get something more detailed and loose, like a blouse or a nice shirt. This will work well for the office, and you should wear business shoes like heels and flats.

You need to balance the volume. A tulip skirt hugs the curves or your lower body, so you need to add some volume to your top. Choose an elegant flouncy top, not one that looks oversized, baggy or boxy. You should also employ the neckline wisely; choose a top with a ruffle or with a deep V-neck to create a nice symmetry. Some producers of wholesale skirts also offer matching tops, as well.

You should also match your tulip skirt to your top remembering about colors. Typically, tulip skirts are vivid and colorful, so you could match them with a toned down, neutral top. A black top will attract undue attention to your skirt, so consider if it’s that what you really want.

During the winter, remember to cover the legs! Since the tulip skirt is often duo-colored, you can match these with nice patterned tights. Sheer nylons might seem more professional, though.

How to effectively shop for cashmere sweaters

Ahh, cashmere. Cashmere to me is synonymous with softness and luxury. The warmth, comfort, and the very elegance all mean a material worth investing in! However, not all goats were created equal. That is, cashmere comes from the downy undercoat of goats that live in the extreme cold in Kashmir province of India and other regions of Asia and Mongolia. China is in fact the top breeder of these goats. Their fine underhair is brushed out in spring – and the cashmere is made from these soft hairs that keep the mountain goats warm in -30-degree weather. The best cashmere is brushed and picked by hand – which is why not every men’s sweaters wholesaler can offer products made of this expensive wool.

men's sweaters wholesalerWhen shopping for cashmere you should check first whether it’s “pure” cashmere. If it is made of 100% it will grow thinner, warmer and softer over time. Many a men’s sweaters wholesaler offers blended sweaters, mixing it with cotton, wool or even synthetic fibers to lower the costs. Of course, this doesn’t have to mean dishonesty – adding spandex or nylon will make your sweater more elastic, or look nice. A blend doesn’t have to be a drawback.

However, if you want to fully use the properties of cashmere, look at the composition: a blend with less than 30% cashmere is more or less useless since the cashmere will wear away quickly. You should also pay attention to the ply of the yarn. Most cashmere sweaters use the 2-ply yarn, that is two threads twisted together. This is stronger than a single strand, prevents pilling and holds warmth better. A 100% 2- ply cashmere is soft, warm, and durable, and the 4-ply or 6-ply fabric is great for cold snowy weather. Ask your men’s sweaters wholesaler what method he uses when producing the sweater before buying!

Hunting for vintage jeans – the greatest hobby

I love vintage clothes and I love shopping for them at thrift stores. Vintage is the ultimate recycle. The producers now churn out cheap Made in China items that are designed to fall apart. I have always felt that vintage clothing was the best, and built to last. The wholesale jeans don’t just have the best feel, durability, but also feel like there’s a history behind them. You can make a pretty penny restoring them and selling them on e-bay – of course you don’t have to change in a mogul selling wholesale clothes. However, if you want to hunt for bargains, consider this.

wholesale jeansFirst of all, know your niche. The more you know about a given subject, the easier it will be to hunt for it. Pick jeans, neckties or denim jackets. You will save your time and your energy if you go to the spot where you can find your jeans, or to the necktie racks. If you know your vintage jeans you will be able to distinguish the mass-produced wholesale jeans from the rare offer from the 1960s. Once you will know your jeans logos, you will be able to spot them from several aisles away.

When I was thrift shopping and collecting vintage clothing I set my sight on vintage jeans. I even know about Bongo, Gitano or that Pure Playaz (gosh) had a neon fiber-optic cable. And sure, I know my Levi’s, but by narrowing my focus I was able to avoid plodding through cheap new no-name brands. I visited flea markets in Paris and thrift stores in former Yugoslavia – it’s surprising what you can find there.

Be wary of thrift or vintage stores that seem brand new – because often, they are. There’s plenty of just-made but artificially oldened wholesale jeans and other clothes. Ask the sales crew where do they get their clothes from – and if they all have the same brand, stay away!


Wisely plan your custom T-shirt printing!

Prints on custom t-shirts wholesale are the best way to promote your events, for instance, family reunions, church events like pilgrimages, conventions, charity events, or sports games. They’re not only a nice way to remember the event, but they will grant you some extra marketing and advertising capabilities.

t-shirts wholesaleIf you decide to create your design yourself, focus first on the organization or team.  What is your group and what does it do? What is the purpose of the promoted event? What will happen there? How often these events happen? If it’s a yearly event, incorporate references to past events, for example.

Make your custom t-shirts wholesale stand out. It’s always a great gift. If you can, provide special markers like laundry markers that won’t erase – so that the kids will sign each other’s shirts. And if there’s a special guest at your event, allow him to sign the shirts. They will be kept and treasured souvenirs.

But how to price them? Well, there are many ways –  only between 10-20% of attendees will actually buy shirts at an event. You might want to give them away, but not everyone will pick one. Try to pre-sell about 10% of t-shirts wholesale before the event for free advertising. Remember, this is advertising and advertising is always a cost.

When buying wholesale shirts to print on remember about styles. Ladies, for example, prefer women’s styles: these shirts have scoop necks and are generally form-fitting.  Of course, women can wear men’s shirts but these look baggy on them. Men, on the other hand, like to rip the sleeves off t-shirts, so you can plan your design with that in mind. Consider similar styles like tank-tops, sleeveless shirts or cropped tees as well.

Remember to prepare ways to customize your t-shirts wholesale: screen printing, embroidery or DTG printing. If anything else fails, get a company that will do it for you.

Find hats for December weather

December is finally here, and the solstice is coming. The days get shorter until Christmas, it’s snowing and you need to revamp your wardrobe. Boutiques stock up on mittens, scarves and hats wholesale. It’s dark and cold when I get up and it’s equally cheerful when I get home from work. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks to prepare your wardrobe for the winter months!

What’s great about the winter wardrobe is that you can safely show your winter class. For some women, the fur is the epitome of class, but these days there are so many different options for winter. From winter hats wholesale and scarves to other accessories, you will surely find something for yourself. All the accessories can be made of fur, fleece or thick layers of cotton… or wool or luxurious cashmere!

hats wholesaleLet’s be blunt for a while – yes, winter clothes can be quite fashionable, but their main purpose is to keep you warm and comfortable. So who cares about matching clothes? If you don’t, simply wear layers under an overcoat. Get warm woolen hats wholesale and match them with thick woolen mittens or ski gloves. No one will care because they will also be busy avoiding the cold.

Speaking of winter hats, consider knitted ones. Seriously, knitwear has never been out of style. With woolen beanies, you can look through a multitude of materials, colors, and designs. Beanies are quite versatile, matching all ages and heads. One can wear them with any casual outfit. For more formal meetings, get a beret or a Russian ushanka!

You should also invest in a good pair of fur-lined boots for extra warmth and comfort. And don’t be afraid to wear a pair or even two pairs of thickset, fleecy socks underneath! Remember though, that even you might pick up a sexy pair of boots, you need them to not be slippery!

How to stay warm at all times

It’s cold but you want to still active at all times! Both men and women want to get out and about around the town, make pictures, jog, hunt for Pokemon or just hike. But unless you dress properly, you might not survive the frosts. Prepare your female or mens sweater wholesale and dress up! Don’t think too much about being fashionable, instead, make sure you’re not freezing your butt off!

mens sweater wholesaleKeep your limbs warm! When the body temperature drops, the body focuses on keeping your torso warm. This means that the less blood flows to the extremities like your hands, feet, and head. So this means that these body parts need some extra protection from the frostbite! To protect your hands use thick woolen mittens – they might not allow you use of all ten digits but your fingers are bunched. You could use thick ski gloves to protect your fingers. Keeping hand warmers on you is also a good idea. If you will need to use a smart device, carry a stylus with you.

To protect your feet, pick big hiking boots and wear at least two layers of socks. A thin pair of feet to keep your feet dry and thick socks to keep them warm. This way thick woolen sock won’t itch. And of course, you should wear a nice thick winter hat that covers the ears. To protect your head, wrap a nice thick scarf around your neck.

Wear layers – thermal underwear that wicks moisture underneath, over it a T-shirt, a sweater, and a heavy winterproof coat. For legs, wear leggings or thin sweatpants under heavy pants. The outermost layer should be protecting you from the winter and snow, it’s the middle layer that’s insulating. Consider synthetic polar fleece for your mens sweater wholesale, and synthetic waterproof coats for your jackets.

And finally, remember about your attitude. Embrace the winter weather, and have a thermos flask of hot cocoa, tea or coffee which will make you more optimistic and positive about the weather.

How a simple woolen hat changed my life

Sit down comfortably, kids and listen to the tale about how a single piece of clothing changed my life. It was just a simple woolen hat, like many other wholesale winter hats in the market. It is so cute, I have been using it all the time. My friends and colleagues kept praising me for my cute looks in this wonderful woolen hat, and now no chilly winds damage my long beautiful hair.

wholesale winter hatsI am a working woman, and I live in a cold region, with the difficult weather during the winter. To protect myself. I have tried many different types of woolen hats wholesale, but none of them was warm and comfortable enough. Finally, I found this cute and affordable winter hat and I fall in love ever since. I started wearing this hat since the first day I bought it. I did not feel the winter chill at all while going to the office… where I got a lot of compliments from all colleagues. Even my boss said that I looked like a cute girl in this winter hat!

It did wonders for my self-confidence. In fact, now I discovered that I don’t check my image in the mirror compulsively anymore! My hair remains in place and is securely protecting, even when I am on a tram or a bus. I wear it every day, when I’m jogging, biking or walking my new boyfriend’s dog!

And guess how I found that boyfriend. That’s right! This hat helped me not only in my professional life but also in my love life as well! I tried dozens of different hairstyles before buying this hat, but they seemingly failed to impress others, especially guys. But this great hat boosted my confidence, and I started to be noticed by men my age. A couple of guys even asked me out… and one of them is my boyfriend. Who knew that wholesale winter hats could improve your life so much?