Bermudas, khaki, cargo shorts… choices for us!

There are many different styles of women’s wholesale shorts available for today’s busy woman. At some offices, typically on casual Fridays, a woman could wear dressier shorts. The Bermuda shorts might be a perfect style for this casual work day. They are a longer kind of shorts with a little wider leg than other shorts and have a more ‘pulled together’ look. Some of the Bermuda shorts have pleats and a small cuff at the bottom to make them ‘dressier’.

The material for wholesale shorts needs to be lightweight in the summer so you will not be sweating too much from heavy fabrics. Blue jeans shorts are sometimes heavy but can be comfortable in an air-conditioned setting. If wearing blue jean shorts to work, a woman should make sure they are clean without holes or rips. Some denim wholesale shorts are sometimes a bit longer and stop before the knee and look nice on a woman paired with a cotton Polo shirt and some casual loafers. Women can wear sandals for work, but only on a more casual day.

Many ladies prefer the comfort and look of khaki shorts or cargo shorts. These are dressy enough to wear to work or casual enough to wear on a date. If the become tattered at the bottom, the edges fray, they should be worn as casual wear and not to the office.

wholesale shortsShorts for women at the office should always be clean and comfortable you should avoid the cargo shorts. This style of wholesale shorts sometimes has several large pockets to hold a wallet or cell phone and keys. Men like them, because they seem practical – but women keep their personal items in handbags, and so the pockets are empty. Not only that, but they add volume to your legs, and so these cargo shorts should be avoided by women.

How to wear larger tops when you’re larger

There are numerous wholesale ladies tops available on the market. But fashion, in my opinion, is all about finding your way and showcasing your appearance.  And a crucial part of the function of your appearance and your top is making your hips visibly wider and your chest visibly smaller. A lot of women claim that they have a big chest and hence a ruffled blouse or some other wholesale ladies tops like this can make the chest look smaller. This is because ruffles shift the focus and make it look smaller. Also, wearing ruffled blouses makes you look curvier. In case you want your hips to look wider then pair up the ruffled blouse with a pencil skirt or boot cut pants.

wholesale ladies tops Generally, the rule of thumb to be followed is that if you are wearing a tight bottom like leggings of pencil fit jeans, then you should pair them with a loose white cotton blouse. This is particularly true if you are apple or pear shaped. The loose wholesale ladies tops tend to draw attention away from your hips while darker coloured bottoms make you look slimmer.

Thin hipped women with flat waists can afford to wear a fitted or tight cotton blouse over fitted trousers or jeans. Ideally, most stylists recommend finding a men’s style but in a more fitted pattern for women. Wear the fitted silhouette wholesale ladies tops with trousers or jeans and then combine it with a well-cut blazer to make the perfect formal outfit.

For informal occasions, choose a white cotton blouse which has larger shoulders. Ruches and ruffles on the shoulders accompanied with a fitted waist are perfect for parties if you combine them with a flared skirt, a fitted black skirt and boots or leggings. The last variety which is very difficult to carry off is the asymmetrical white cotton blouse. Although the style looks beautiful, it’s very difficult to carry off. Wear the white shirt with classic blue jeans, or with a narrowed down pencil skirt.


The new trend – hand made lingerie

Have you heard about the trend of hand-made lingerie? More and more women choose to replace their cheap wholesale panties with a special pair custom-made for them. With the hand-made underwear, the emphasis is not usually on generating really the most profit but rather on providing the most beneficial customer experience. Consequently, handmade lingerie is usually created from the finest fabrics that can be found, unlike your typical cotton wholesale panties. An example is the handmade panties created from bamboo fabric, which encompasses all that’s good in intimate wear. It combines the sheerness of silk with the breathability of cotton to generate magnificent products that are not only reasonably priced but also are very Eco-friendly.

wholesale pantiesBamboo fabric is often a favourite for handmade lingerie simply because it is a purely organic material that’s also comfortable and sleek. It is antibacterial and antifungal which ensures it is perfect for the intimate apparel. Few cotton wholesale panties can boast that. These attributes along with the sheerness with the material allow your lingerie to easily cling to your skin without the threat of allergic reactions.

Lingerie is supposed to increase the high quality of daily life of a lady. The beautifully made lingerie can only add towards the inner and outer beauty of a woman. Making use of handmade eco-friendly lingerie will also contribute to improving the quality of our life on Earth by lowering your own private environmental footprint.

Lingerie is surely an incredibly private issue and obtaining it does not have to be impersonal. Thanks to hand-made panties you can acquire lingerie that is made and fitted with you in thoughts, giving it that personal touch. Whenever your panties lie comfortably at your skin, you know that a great deal of thought and care went into making that special piece for any special lady.


Colourful tights – the greatest fashion choice?

By wearing a pair of colourful tights you can be a trendsetter in today’s world of fashion. These days you can find tights wholesale in almost any colour of your choice. Yet, still, we have a lot of women who have second thoughts about trying them on. I think it comes from the lack of knowledge about these colourful tights. And so, to discuss these tights I have prepared a short article about various tights and leggings.

tights wholesaleIf you think you are a person who stays up to date with fashion, then colourful tights are must for you. Especially after designers of tights wholesale have showcased coloured looks on the ramps, coloured tights are back in vogue. You can pair up your colourful tights with an animal print top. After all, these animal prints top the list of most of the fashion designers. Imagine a look of the wavy animal top with a pair of nicely toned legs covered with colourful tights, a bit of jewellery and a pair of high heels.

Always make sure to select longer shirts or tops. The colourful tights should be anywhere below the mid-thighs. The whole idea is to maintain that slim and long looks that are promised by such tights wholesale. Shirts of any type whether blouse-like or fitted go well with colourful tights and help to hide away that excess fat on the tummy or hips. Wear a pair of shorts or a skirt over the tights in contrasted colours to stand out.

Colourful tights can offer a nice bohemian look, by mixing and matching more delicate and soft materials with your colourful tights. A spangle top along with a long cardigan matched with a pair of colourful tights and shorts. Along with a hat and leather boots can give you a very trendy and yet feminine look. I am sure you would make a lot of heads turn when you walk down the street.


How to shop for wholesale bodycon dresses?

Today if you go to buy a bodycon dress in the mall or your local boutique, you may get a strange bodycon dress designed in a different way for a different lady. And so, it is always necessary for you to go for the one that surely matches to your needs and wish. Many producers offer wholesale bodycon dresses just for you. Do not go for a single thing that will look awesome – always go for the bodycon dress which will make your entire look seem stylish. One the best things you need to take care of is the perfect bodycon dress – which iis the most happening trend on the market.

wholesale bodycon dressesBefore you actually go out to the store, you should plan your financial price range. The warm, winter season, velour wholesale bodycon dresses might be a little on the expensive side. However, the pricier ones might come in a very high quality. The benefit of setting the money aside is that you can stop yourself from overindulging. You might like 5 wholesale bodycon dresses and if you have a prepared budget you might not actually buy all of them!

While buying an elegant sexy dress you should above all be practical and smart in your choice. However elegant the dress may be, if it doesn’t suit you do not buy them.  Instead, make sure that the bodycon dress that you buy suits your personality. With a tight, well-fitted dress it’s especially relevant that it didn’t shrink after the first wash. So accordingly buy dresses that are your size and of good quality materials, preferably preshrunk. If you are in a fashion store or a shopping centre or other place that sources good wholesale bodycon dresses, clear all your issues regarding the fabric.

Bodycon dresses look very feminine, and if worn modestly, they can be very elegant. Consider getting one just for yourself, and one for going out!


Real women have curves – and leggings

Being fashionable these days is not only applicable for women gifted with awesome curves. The number of heavier women are increasing, the demand for fabulous clothes intended for them is also rising up. I know plenty of plus-sized women who still think that they should just go for clothes which will not drag them to the limelight. But I personally think that you should not be dragged down by not feeling good about yourself! For, with the proper attitude and good choices of clothes, you can feel and look glamorous as well. You must consider wearing plus size leggings for if chosen properly, you will surely be a head-turner! After all, stores are full of wholesale leggings just for you.

wholesale leggingsWhen the wholesale leggings become a fashion trend, many women instantly loved wearing them.  Because of its versatility, they can be worn and paired up with just about anything.  There are various styles, designs, and prints on the wholesale leggings available in the market.  Some think that leggings are only wearable by slim to medium sized women. But let’s be open-minded for a change, larger sized women have also the advantage of being very curvy. Many men love this. Choosing the right style and matching it with the right clothes will make your leggings look good on you.

You probably know this basic rule: dark colors can make you look thin while lighter colors will show off your figure.  So if you are a bit curvier, you must choose your leggings in darker colors.  The concept is that dark colors aren’t as visible which gives you a thinner appearance.  It is also good if you look for solid colored leggings than those with designs or patterns.  If you create divisions in your legs, they will seem shorter! Don’t risk it!


Winter is coming and you should keep warm!

Winter is coming and you should keep warm. So grab a scarf! You can wear winter scarves wholesale as a fashion accessory… or just to stay practically warm. Combining these two trends might sound daunting at first but it really is simple and very easy. Just drape the scarf around your neck so both sides are even in length. Using only the right side, tie a loose knot in the middle of that side. Take the other side and basically thread in through the knot. Tighten it. If you want to wear it with a coat, tie it closer to your neck or lower it if you want it to appear more like an accessory to your outfit.

scarves wholesale

Consider Kate Moss. I think we all agree that this lady knows how to dress. Recently she has been spotted in a great pink woolly scarf. Wearing scarves in an artistic sense makes them work as fashion accessories rather than it just being a protective piece of gear. However, scarves are more fun that way. You can do a lot with a scarf and you can totally experiment with it. Any celeb or producer of scarves wholesale will tell you that making it look like high fashion than being lazy is a very challenging thing to do. Do not fret, all you have to do is follow your favorite celebrity and copy her taste in winter scarves. There seems to be bound to be tons of pictures on the internet, so browse ahead and make the style your own.


Long winter scarves wholesale are probably the most fun to work with. You can play around with them the most and because of its versatility, you can go and change it up all of the time. The European way of styling the scarf is the simplest and most popular to use. Just fold the scarf in half then drape it around your neck, with two ends on the left side and a loop on the right side – each facing forward. Slip both loose ends through the loop and tighten it up as desired. Voila, a nice loop.


Snug-fitting pair of trousers for tall ladies!

Buying a snug-fitting pair of wholesale womens trousers is a must for every statuesque woman. I know that pain – I’m freakishly huge, 180 cm, almost 5’11. And if you aren’t of towering height, a good quality pair of trousers can feel elegant and comfortable. Tall dress pants for women can go match the manic Mondays and casual Fridays.

Let’s be honest for a while, there are dozens of ladies who apart from elegant trousers love the ultra comfortable activity pants… and hundreds of fashionistas who love to look sensational in the light colored or white bootcut jeans when showing up in casual gatherings.

wholesale womens trousersWith so many styles in the market nowadays, you no longer can have excuses that you have nothing to wear when you’ve been invited to a fancy event. Many of my female friends have jobs that entail lots of client visits – they prefer lightweight cotton trousers with a menswear-inspired silhouette, wide legs. Paired with a simple top like a soft tailored blazer, a nice pair of wholesale womens trousers can offer a pulled-together look that can go from boardroom to socials meetings.

For other ladies that are tall like me, straight leg pants with 32 or 34 inseam, made of rayon, spandex, and polyester, can also be worth the purchase. On the other hand, if you’re tall and have a plus size figure, you can check out lots of wholesale womens trousers – sometimes you’ll need an extra source of good pants. A lot of designer trousers have an inseam of 34 inches, although there are lots of brand-name pants that can go up to 36 or even 38 inseam. Getting the correct inseam can ensure comfort – and it’s worth having them tailored, to ensure comfort especially when you sit down.

My daily schedule normally entails commuting from home-to-office and then back home after a few stops at the mall or a friend’s house. I consider a pair of wholesale womens trousers tall enough to fit me and to make me feel comfortable, as a wardrobe essential.


How to choose a good women’s suit

If you want to choose a good women’s suit, you should examine it closely. There are three Fs you always need to consider: Figure, Fabric, and Fit. Many producers of wholesale womens jackets offer great selection – but they don’t have necessarily to fit you.

wholesale womens jacketsFigure

Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful – and the good suit can make you look powerful. A figure-flattering suit can make you look very feminine and very professional. The two main types of suits for women available on the market are the skirt suit and the pantsuit – though some producers match wholesale womens jackets with dresses instead of a skirt and a shirt. These all choices can be very professional and flattering. A pantsuit is slimming, comfortable and adds height, while a skirt or dress suit appears more feminine. Woman’s three-piece suit does not mean a vest – it has a matching jacket, matching trousers and a skirt – which makes it two suits for the price of one.

When you’re shopping for a pantsuit, you should add one inch to your hip measurement. This way pants won’t be too tight.


You should pick fabric and color that fits you – for work, focus on neutral colors like black, gray, or navy. As the first suit, pick one of the classic colors. And as your wardrobe expands, you can select other, bolder suit colors or even separates like wholesale womens jackets.

And for the actual material – start with a lightweight wool or cotton suit. For the summer, linen is beautiful but hard to keep nicely pressed. Look at formal weaves like twill or houndstooth.


And finally, remember the fit. The best suit is both comfortable and flattering. If you want to invest in an off-the-rack suit, simply have it fitted at a good tailor – they can change it into something perfect for you!


Riding shoes – sexy or durable?

As Terry Pratchett once said, the more aristocratic the family is, the more likely that its daughters will cart horse manure for free. I have little passion for the horses, in general, I find it reassuring that they are somewhere, and, very important, not below me. However, the people are getting more interested in fashion equestrian boots – more producers are considering basing their designs of wholesale women boots on the riding style. Hence my guide to the riding boots!

wholesale women bootsFashion equestrian boots are easily recognizable. They’re typically styled to have one calf size and height per foot size. In general, there’s no size chart which will present your choice of boot height and calf width. The same applies to actual riding boots, and both can come as pull on shoes or ones with a zipper on the side.

So what’s the difference between the fashion equestrian wholesale women boots and the actual riding boots? Well, the former are made using the dress zippers – these are thinner, more flexible zippers that can be placed inside of the calf, on the back of the boot, or outside of the calf. They don’t always go the whole length of the boot since you can easily slide inside the wholesale boots.

Most of the real riding boots are made with heavier zippers since they have to be more durable. The zippers are almost always put on the back of the boot and they go the entire length of the boot. And so, the actual real riding boots are more stiff, made of tougher leather. We all know that leather boots require breaking in – and it takes more time to get the leather boots adjusted. On the plus side, they will also last for a long time – unless you ride a lot.

Another important difference is that actual equestrians look for a boot which will be as snug as possible. Their riding pants and socks are much thinner, and they might be slightly smaller than the fashion boots. In general, they might look stunning, but you want to have them fitted!