Fendi and the Peekaboo Project: Ten Celebrities Become Designers

AdeleCara DelevingneGwyneth PaltrowJerry HallGeorgia May JaggerTracey EminZaha AdidNaomie HarrisTanya LingKate Adie. What these celebrities have in common is the fact of having British ties and of having been involved by Fendi in a initiative to support Kids Company – also conceived to celebrate the opening of the new boutique on Bond Street, in London (this explains the choice of prominent women with British ties).
But their contribution didn’t consist in taking part in a traditional charity event, whose proceeds went to the charity. It was of a more “practical” character.
Each of them was asked to create her Peekaboo – the iconic Fendi’s bag, launched in 2009 – according to her personal taste and flair. Two exemplaries per bag were made: one was given to the celebrity who designed it and the other is now for sale at an online charity auction on Fendi’s website, that will end on May 30.
Those who will manage to get one of these bags will have two reasons to be glad: because they will help Kids Company, since the auction’s proceeds will be offered to the charity; and because, as an exception, they will be proud of not having a unique but a rare bag, since the only “original copy” will be possessed by the personality who conceived it. Women’s Dresses in Phoenix
At this point I’m very curious to see who will be the purchasers. Surely they won’t be mere mortals, seeing as the bags’ value has already reached – in a predictable manner – exorbitant prices.
I would like to conclude with a few lines on Kids Company. It is a charity founded by Camila Batmanghelidjh and it gives psychological and practical support to abused and deprived children and young people that live in London and Bristol. One out of five of these children has been shot at or stabbed. Half of their close familiars or friends have been shot at or witnessed shootings and stabbings. Kids Company operates in its ten centres and forty schools across London an Bristol.

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