New In: My First Purchases for This Summer

Usually I don’t like planning when to go out and shop for clothes, because if I do it in most cases I end up going back home with empty hands. But, it may happen that an afternoon I go out for an ice-cream and, while I walk in the centre of my city, a window shop display draws my attention. So, I go in just to have a look and, after a couple of hours, I’m again in the street with a an extra large shopping bag full of clothes.
This is more or less what happened last time I shopped at Stradivarius, which is one of my favourite low cost fashion brands, because it offers a good price/quality ratio. So, in line with the main trends of this season, this is what I purchased.
A gorgeous floral print maxi Women’s Dresses in Dallas and a maxi skirt (yes, another one) of which I love the shade of green. A white embroidered top and a black one in satin, both perfect for the hot summer evenings. A girlie polka dot skirt with pleats. A pastel pink faux leather jacket, that surely I won’t wear this summer, but I couldn’t help but get it: its price was too tempting (19 euros!). Finally, a pair of wedge sandals, but I still don’t know if I’ll keep them… I’m not sure if I really like them.
Well… I look forward to hearing your opinions.

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