New In: Trainers and Sneakers

Lately it has happened very often. First the slip-ons (read here), then the shorts (read here) and now it’s sneakers‘ and trainers‘ turn – I fear that sooner or later it might also be the Birkenstock‘ s turn!! Until a little time ago I wasn’t keen on none of these items – the slip-ons even horrified me – but recently I have begun to like them, and even a lot! Women’s Dresses in Houston
So, if once I used trainers and sneakers only to go to the gym, now I wear them proudly, as flagship of my sporty-chic outfits.
What you see in the pics are my last purchases. I got them by chance a few days ago, in an afternoon in which I went out in search of a pair of slip-ons (that, of course, I didn’t find!

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