The Art of Being Madonna

Madonna is going to be back. You are certainly right if you are thinking that she has never left. Because, it’s true, she has always been a stable presence in mass media’s world. In more than thirty years, footlights on her haven’t ever been turned off (maybe sometimes they have been slightly dimmed). What I am referring to is her forthcoming return in the music scene with the release of a new album; and what is worth to be mentioned about it is the fact that it will be the continuation of Art for Freedom, a project in which the queen of pop keeps demonstrating her commitment in the fight for human rights.
Art for Freedom is a digital platform in favour of social rights and diversity, whose contents denounce bigotry, stereotypes and discrimination. But its aim is also pushing people to express their creativity and to be free from preset frames of mind. “If we let corporate branding consumes us, if we are worried about other people’s approval and promote just what is acceptable and popular, we kill our art and what is unique in it”. This is what Madonna says from the pages of the May-June issue of L’Uomo Vogue– whose cover story, entirely dedicated to the artist, is also supported by perturbing photos in which Miss Ciccone wears Women’s Dresses in San Francisco and man’s clothes.
Apart from containing a message of a certain social importance, in my opinion, Art for Freedom also represents a sort of manifesto of Madonna’s life. In a sense, this work symbolises her way of staying in this world, her will of always being faithful to herself and of pursuing her ambitions, with no worries or fears about other people’s judgement. This attitude has allowed her to experiment and reinvent herself in new projects and has contributed to make her the main pop icon of our time. Moreover, in her evolution she hasn’t followed the mainstream, but she has done in her own way, thus anticipating and setting the rules of trends and fads. From her Into the Groove punk look in the 80’s, made of lace and crosses, to the more sophisticated ones of our days, she has interpreted various styles and has influenced the way of wearing of whole generations of girls.
Some of her younger colleagues have been inspired by her, without getting to her standards anyway. A name amongst all: Lady Gaga. I don’t want to diminish the artistic merits of her, but every time I see Lady Gaga performing I cannot help but think of Madonna… and, for me, there is no comparison (at least at the moment). Surely her attitude and her way of asserting herself, her provocations and excesses make her more similar to Madonna than any other pop star, but it’s too early to state now that she will be her heiress. Women’s Dresses in San Jose
Since I was a child, periodically, I have heard labelling the rising pop star of the moment as “the new Madonna” or as “the anti-Madonna” (it has also happened to Kylie Minogue), but afterwards either she disappeared or she stayed at a lower level, while the Queen of Pop, unperturbed towered over from on high.

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