How to shop for shirts wholesale if you’re fat

Recently I have discovered that there are some manufacturers of clothes that while not officially “plus size” in fact do have something for the larger women, many of whom have a characteristic hourglass or sometimes a pear shape. Unfortunately, though these usually shirts wholesale or other clothes only extend to no bigger than extra large sizes, or 16 (US).

So if you are looking for plus size shirts wholesale, you will clearly browse all the formal female clothing that an outlet or manufacturer is offering. Sometimes, though, a manufacturer will state that a garment is intended for formal wear or perhaps casual wear, but ultimately it’s your decision where and when to wear it, innit. A lot of shirts wholesale are in between, meaning that you can mix them with other items to define just how formal they actually are. An example in point would be some shirts wholesale that can be teamed with a nice official jacket but are in fact quite casual in their design.

shirts wholesaleAn example could be some satin shirts wholesale. These are incredibly comfortable to wear because they are soft and silky. They are also guaranteed to make you feel seductive and special. But because they aren’t really made of silk, these comfortable satin blouses are less expensive than silk. Of course, these are soft, gentle and incredibly comfortable.

Large size satin shirts wholesale come in all shapes and sizes – some obviously larger than others. Their designs can also vary as do different colours, although it is true that both black and white shirts wholesale seem to be perpetually in fashion, since they will match practically every outfit. While it is true that dark colours are generally more flattering to the fuller figure, white is also a really good option. On her website, Oprah Winfrey has a whole section dedicated to white shirts wholesale! And we all know that the esteemed Oprah loves plus size blouses.


How to find your niche and become a women’s clothing wholesaler

In the current age of mass production and niche filling finding plus size suits for women are not as hard as it used to be. Most every women’s clothing wholesaler will offer such suits in their catalogue! Plus size refers officially to sizes that are 14 and above (US) or 44 and above (Europe). Of course, what’s XL in one country or even from one women’s clothing wholesaler can be 3XL in another store!

women's clothing wholesalerStill, nevertheless, gone are the days when the plus size clothing available were just baggy cotton tents which would completely hide and overwhelm the lush, curvy woman wearing them. Today, many women are proud of their ample body and the men tend to know this – everyone has their preference. Nowadays, many shops and brands, starting from a simple women’s clothing wholesaler to major brands, carry plus size lines and dedicate resources to providing quality and flattering choices to women with more curvaceous women.

But although often every women’s clothing wholesaler can offer as many choices for casual clothing, formal wear and other specialised clothing, like swimsuits or bathing suits, are still hard to find. The thing is that women on the plus side always look better in the well-fitted clothes, so buying clothes that fit well even if they cost more is really a must.

The sad reality of the clothing market is the fact that very few upmarket designer brands actually carry their line in plus sizes. (The only one that seems to have a dedicated line is Max Mara.) Most are middling brands or online shops, and more than one women’s clothing wholesaler. Nevertheless, even with what is available it is not impossible to find well fitting formals.

The important thing about finding well-fitted plus size clothes is learning to work with separates. After all, large women are large in different ways. Some are plus size in the bust line, some in the hips, some in the waist and some in a combination of areas. Some simply are tall, or with extra heavy arms and thighs.


We all love hats – provided that they fit us

We all love hats, in particular during the winter. The gorgeous hats have adorned beautiful models and actresses in fashion magazines for years. In the winter, every store stocks up on its wholesale winter hats and they can offer you a wide selection of the wares.

Of course, these wide-brimmed hats are prevalent at weddings, elegant business meetings, the races, and funerals. Wholesale winter hats protect the skin at the ski resorts, the park, sporting events, and when you walk around the town.  The styles range from sumptuous creations to charming functionality.

wholesale winter hats

So, what’s the problem? Well, it seems that if you have a head size larger than a size medium, all this wealth and scope of headwear is not for you.  Indeed, Manufacturers of wholesale winter hats have been cutting corners for years. There is only one hat size, it seems. Of course, it makes sense for beanies… but why do they lump all women in the one hat size bucket? Can you even imagine what would if they made shoes in just one size, or dresses, etc.?  But the fact is that  women get one size and if you want a smaller or larger hat you need to visit a miliner. You can’t buy a smaller or larger hat off the rack!


Sure, there are beanies and trapper hats which are ideal for the cold weather. Luckily for me, they’re elastic. I can look for wool or cashmere beanies or for soft trapper hats with thick, furry linings and suede exteriors. But they, too might be too small for me. I am not going to spend hundreds of Euros on a furry Cossack hat. At this point I can’t wear anything else than a beanie or a beret – and the hat needs to protect the head, the back of the neck and the ears. I just want to look stylish, is this too much?!


Wisely plan your custom T-shirt printing!

Prints on custom t-shirts wholesale are the best way to promote your events, for instance, family reunions, church events like pilgrimages, conventions, charity events, or sports games. They’re not only a nice way to remember the event, but they will grant you some extra marketing and advertising capabilities.

t-shirts wholesaleIf you decide to create your design yourself, focus first on the organization or team.  What is your group and what does it do? What is the purpose of the promoted event? What will happen there? How often these events happen? If it’s a yearly event, incorporate references to past events, for example.

Make your custom t-shirts wholesale stand out. It’s always a great gift. If you can, provide special markers like laundry markers that won’t erase – so that the kids will sign each other’s shirts. And if there’s a special guest at your event, allow him to sign the shirts. They will be kept and treasured souvenirs.

But how to price them? Well, there are many ways –  only between 10-20% of attendees will actually buy shirts at an event. You might want to give them away, but not everyone will pick one. Try to pre-sell about 10% of t-shirts wholesale before the event for free advertising. Remember, this is advertising and advertising is always a cost.

When buying wholesale shirts to print on remember about styles. Ladies, for example, prefer women’s styles: these shirts have scoop necks and are generally form-fitting.  Of course, women can wear men’s shirts but these look baggy on them. Men, on the other hand, like to rip the sleeves off t-shirts, so you can plan your design with that in mind. Consider similar styles like tank-tops, sleeveless shirts or cropped tees as well.

Remember to prepare ways to customize your t-shirts wholesale: screen printing, embroidery or DTG printing. If anything else fails, get a company that will do it for you.

How to stay warm at all times

It’s cold but you want to still active at all times! Both men and women want to get out and about around the town, make pictures, jog, hunt for Pokemon or just hike. But unless you dress properly, you might not survive the frosts. Prepare your female or mens sweater wholesale and dress up! Don’t think too much about being fashionable, instead, make sure you’re not freezing your butt off!

mens sweater wholesaleKeep your limbs warm! When the body temperature drops, the body focuses on keeping your torso warm. This means that the less blood flows to the extremities like your hands, feet, and head. So this means that these body parts need some extra protection from the frostbite! To protect your hands use thick woolen mittens – they might not allow you use of all ten digits but your fingers are bunched. You could use thick ski gloves to protect your fingers. Keeping hand warmers on you is also a good idea. If you will need to use a smart device, carry a stylus with you.

To protect your feet, pick big hiking boots and wear at least two layers of socks. A thin pair of feet to keep your feet dry and thick socks to keep them warm. This way thick woolen sock won’t itch. And of course, you should wear a nice thick winter hat that covers the ears. To protect your head, wrap a nice thick scarf around your neck.

Wear layers – thermal underwear that wicks moisture underneath, over it a T-shirt, a sweater, and a heavy winterproof coat. For legs, wear leggings or thin sweatpants under heavy pants. The outermost layer should be protecting you from the winter and snow, it’s the middle layer that’s insulating. Consider synthetic polar fleece for your mens sweater wholesale, and synthetic waterproof coats for your jackets.

And finally, remember about your attitude. Embrace the winter weather, and have a thermos flask of hot cocoa, tea or coffee which will make you more optimistic and positive about the weather.

The major kinds of winter coats

If you want to prepare for the harsh winter, get bulked up in the winter coat. You need to get stylish and warm winter coat, and your retailer should buy them from a reliable provider of wholesale coats. There are many varieties of coats, and we’ll try our best to introduce you to them. After you consider the type, look at the style, the fabric, and the details.

wholesale coatsParka Coats

A parka is a warm, highly insulated coat which is supposed to provide some extra warmth. Usually, it’s lined with fur, fake fur or some warm equivalent. Many have fur or fleece collars, a hood, and are generally mid-thigh long.


A peacoat is an a bit old school. It’s a thick coat made of a heavy wool, often worn by men. Peacoats have long sleeves, a thick, wide collar, and are usually buttoned across the front. They were historically worn by sailors, but many producers offer wholesale coats like this fitted for women.

Puffer Coats

They’re no longer fashionable. Puffer jackets are also commonly worn, but coats are also used. They’re usually made of down or synthetic fabrics stuffed between layers of waterproof material. A coat like this usually has a hood, long sleeves, and a thick collar. Many find the synthetic outer layer cheesy, however.

Cape-styled coat

A coat with a cape has an extra layer of cloth over the arms – it could replace the sleeves, or for winter coats can be worn over sleeves. It’s usually buttoned up and reaches to the waist, so you need a skirt or pants over tights to keep warm. Some can have a collar and a hood.


A poncho is a Latin-American coat that’s tossed over the shoulders. Some coats have ponchos built into them, others are styled as loosely draped ponchos. These coats can have large hoods and long baggy sleeves.

Trench coats

A trenchcoat is a raincoat made of waterproofed cotton, sometimes leather or other fabrics. Often they have insulated lining which can be removed for autumn or spring. They seldom have hoods but are knee-long, and very recognizable.

Prepare yourself to wearing corsets

Corsets are coming back and they’re huge. While in Victorian Era they were seen as a symbol of oppression, now they’re a great, sexy fashion accessory, sometimes it can be available from women’s shirts wholesaler. It’s easy to forget that they also provide posture correcting and other support benefits. However, few ladies now are trained in how to use the corset properly – and that’s why I’m going to tell you how to lace and tighten the corset.

women's shirts wholesalerWhen you bought your corset, it might already have been laced – look at it to see whether it’s laced properly. It should look similar to how the shoe is laced, but with the strings meeting in the center, at the level of your natural waist. The corset uses two sets of laces which should meet at the point where your waist is naturally smallest – for most women it should be in the middle. If you’re lacing the corset yourself, start at the top grommet and create X’s like in a shoe. Reach the center and pick the second string, starting below it. You should have two lacing points now.

To put the corset on, put on underlayer first – usually, it requires some simple blouse or undershirt, available from every women’s shirts wholesaler. The corset should touch your body only for some intimate appearance. The nice fabric should be on the outside, the side with the lace is the back and the side with holes and knobs is the front.

Wrap the corset around you and close it in the front. Fasten the buttons or the knobs. A friend can help you tie the corset, or you can tighten the laces yourself. Keep it tight but comfortable. Usually, laces should be long enough for you to make a simple knot. If the corset does not bite into your sides, pinch you and is very firm, then it’ll look great. Remember, you should be able to breathe – that’s why so many of these victorian heroines fainted all the time!

Is there anything better than a baggy sweater?

wholesale women's sweatersWhen the weather gets cold, there’s nothing more wonderful than a baggy, warm, oversized sweater. This baggy feel can look great on you if you pair it with the right clothes. You don’t want to wear like a little girl wearing her brother’s sweater. You need to be able to pull off this look – and we will help you choose the right wholesale women’s sweaters, create the perfect outfit and the accessories.

The length of the sweater depends on what you wear on the bottom. If you want to wear tight pants, you can wear any length sweater. But if you combine it with a short bottom like a mini skirt, a dress, or a pair of shorts your baggy sweater should end around the waist.

You can wear both patterned or monochromatic wholesale women’s sweaters. The latter are slightly more formal and can be safely paired with other clothes and accessories. The former draw more attention, but still can be very chic if paired with neutral trousers, leggings or other pants. Look at your pants – if you have a lot of very distinctive trousers, match them with a safe neutral sweater.

Should you get a pullover or a cardigan? A cardigan is more practical, especially for layering. They can ever work great as outerwear, if they’re big and chunky they can replace a winter jacket.

The general rule is matching big tops with skinny bottoms. Pair your baggy sweater with tight jeans or leggings. You can match a large sweater with a flowy skirt too, to create an interesting trendy contrast. This way, any dress can become a winter dress. If you’re tall, you can rock it with a maxi dress or skirt – otherwise, you’ll drown in fabric. And you even can choose a very long sweater and wear it as a tunic, over a pair of tights. Add a structure to your sweater tunic with a thick belt or a tailored blazer.

Garment bags – are they really necessary

wholesale womens trousersI own a couple of suitcases, travel bags, sports bags or ordinary backpacks or messenger bags, as well as a couple of dozen purses. And I don’t know if any of them could be described as “garment bags”, used to transport wholesale womens trousers or other important clothes. I can’t really say I travel for business or major engagements. While I travel both to business meetings or conferences and I need sometimes to dress reasonably smart, I always used regular suitcases and old plastic bags to secure my clothes.

So what exactly is a garment bag? It’s just a container of flexible material used to transport suits or jacket. Some people use the phrase to refer to a thin plastic protective bag, like you may see in the laundromat – other also note that it refers to a suitcase, often with a place for hangers. I am, frankly, baffled. I see the use of a suit bag in the first meaning – especially for very expensive suits. However, most suitcases I used were reasonably durable and water-resistant. I tend to buy wholesale womens trousers and they are cheap and so I don’t care that much if my clothes get torn – I always can get a better pair.

Some garment bags can store a lot of suits inside, but who owns that many suits? Ideally, the hangers should clamp or strap in place; there’s nothing worse than losing the suit jacket or blazer together with the hanger. Your suit can get crumpled – but let’s be frank for a moment. I might not have visited Hiltons or other five-star establishments, but most hotels I’ve ever slept in allowed the guests to use or rent an iron.

Some garment bags can be stand-alone, have shoulder straps or piggyback on another piece of wheeled luggage, so before you buy one you should try it out, roll it around or carry it on a shoulder. Think of the security as well, think whether you want one that’s locked with a padlock or a combination number.

Consider also what the bag is made of – leather is durable but expensive, while artificial options can be far cheaper. Even if you care about animals, consider that synthetic fabrics will also take ages to decompose.

Being a fashionista isn’t easy – but I cope

lipstick-850597_1920If you want to be a true fashionista, you can’t slavishly follow the fashion magazines or celebrities. Find your own style. You don’t have to like what everyone is wearing. Just think – by the time you learn what’s in, and save money for that brand… it will no longer be top of the charts. No. Don’t follow the trendsetters, instead, aim to have your own style.

When building your wardrobe, focus on key essentials, not on trendy statement pieces. They are fundamentally just flashy adverts and they demand other clothes to go well with. There’s no point in getting a floral skirt when you have no plain tops to match it with, for example. Instead, invest in stylish yet generic pieces like LBD, plain sweater, pastel cardigans. Think of the clothes not as complete pieces you present, but as tools with which you’ll build the perfect design – yourself. A lot of colors and cuts depend on the personal combination and your colors and skin tones – if you’re a Summer, try lilac and blue and avoid vibrant red hues!

With a wardrobe of solid basics, you can afford to dress up and accessorize. Shoes, in particular, can dress up a t-shirt and jeans combo or dress down a fancy dress for a casual outing. But when buying shoes remember to focus on comfort – don’t pick ones that are too small or too tall. You should have a couple of boots and flats, and both dressy and semi-cazh heels… and wear sneakers only when going jogging!

Apart from shoes, other great must-have accessories are hats, sunglasses silk scarves, handbags… and recently, electronic gadgets like cell phone, headset or smart watch. And jewelry has always been a great tool to completely change the appearance and purpose of clothes. Good earrings, necklaces or bracelets can attract attention if placed strategically. Remember not to overspend – ceramic jewelry can be as attractive as precious stones and metals.

But above all, if you want to be a fashionista, learn to create your own clothes. Sometimes there’s no another way to create a perfect outfit but to make it yourself.