How to find your niche and become a women’s clothing wholesaler

In the current age of mass production and niche filling finding plus size suits for women are not as hard as it used to be. Most every women’s clothing wholesaler will offer such suits in their catalogue! Plus size refers officially to sizes that are 14 and above (US) or 44 and above (Europe). Of course, what’s XL in one country or even from one women’s clothing wholesaler can be 3XL in another store!

women's clothing wholesalerStill, nevertheless, gone are the days when the plus size clothing available were just baggy cotton tents which would completely hide and overwhelm the lush, curvy woman wearing them. Today, many women are proud of their ample body and the men tend to know this – everyone has their preference. Nowadays, many shops and brands, starting from a simple women’s clothing wholesaler to major brands, carry plus size lines and dedicate resources to providing quality and flattering choices to women with more curvaceous women.

But although often every women’s clothing wholesaler can offer as many choices for casual clothing, formal wear and other specialised clothing, like swimsuits or bathing suits, are still hard to find. The thing is that women on the plus side always look better in the well-fitted clothes, so buying clothes that fit well even if they cost more is really a must.

The sad reality of the clothing market is the fact that very few upmarket designer brands actually carry their line in plus sizes. (The only one that seems to have a dedicated line is Max Mara.) Most are middling brands or online shops, and more than one women’s clothing wholesaler. Nevertheless, even with what is available it is not impossible to find well fitting formals.

The important thing about finding well-fitted plus size clothes is learning to work with separates. After all, large women are large in different ways. Some are plus size in the bust line, some in the hips, some in the waist and some in a combination of areas. Some simply are tall, or with extra heavy arms and thighs.


Bleaching your jeans can be very interesting!

Bleach is a potent substance which destroys everything. Seriously, has anyone actually used bleach more often than once a year? A lot of men and women use it to distress their clothes – to destroy their wholesale mens jeans. You, too, can use bleach to give your old jeans unique style and appearance that distinguishes itself from the other wholesale mens jeans.

Pick an old, worn pair of jeans. Since you want to dunk them in bleach, you will remove all colours. And so, avoid picking your favourite trousers, and if you fail, you could throw them away. Pick old jeans in a thrift store or get some cheapest wholesale mens jeans.

wholesale mens jeansIf you want to conceive an irregular, tie-dye-like look of acid-washed jeans, tie the legs of trousers with rubber bands. Thanks to this you can create different interesting ornaments – you might want to create a spiral, or a series of spirals if you tie in many smaller spots. If you’re ready, you can roll up each pant leg and secure them with bands too.

Then you can prepare the mixture. To dye, take a big bucket and fill it with about 2,4 litres or 800 oz of cold water. You will need to submerge your wholesale mens jeans entirely. Add a 1,5 litre of chlorine-based bleach (which is usually a large bottle). Be sure to do it in a well-ventilated room or outdoors. That’s why it’s best to do it in the summer, and you should wear protective earwear and rubber gloves.

Take a stick and submerge your jeans in the mixture. Dunk them in the solution, and leave them in, and turn them over every 20 minutes. After 40 or 60 minutes, you should be ready to remove your jeans. Rinse them with cold water at least twice, and wash them in cold water. Don’t use a machine dryer!


Everyone loves their blue denim wholesale skirts

Everyone loves their blue denim. We all love blue jeans, and we also like denim wholesale skirts made from the same material as the blue jeans. The skirt can be worn low rise, mid rise or high rise just like how you wear your denim jeans.

Often the wholesale skirts have the same parts as of denim jeans like belt loops, zipper, yoke, five pockets (two at the back and 2 in the front plus one mini pocket inside a front pocket). Of course, short denim wholesale skirts are not as famous as the denim jeans because they lack the rugged look of the denim pants.

wholesale skirtsThe truth of the story is that the girls who wear short denim skirts are typically the women who wanted to flaunt their beautiful legs. So if this is your real aim, you must know what matches a short denim skirt because if not, people’s attention will just focus on the mismatched outfit rather than your shapely legs!

If you want to match a good pair of shoes to your denim skirt, use this guide:

Flip Flops – if the weather is alright and you want to look casual, go with these!You can even glam up your outfit if you flat sandals or flip flop has some ornaments or bling-bling.

Sneakers – just make sure to use the very basic and slim type of sneakers, not the bulky ones.

Wedge Sandals – this will surely make you feel and looks like a girl next door. Wedges make your ankles look sexy too!

Flats – Ballet shoes or Mary Janes, loafers or slip-ons will look good with any wholesale skirts. Just make sure that the material of your shoes is not so formal to match the casual look of your skirt.

Tall boots – This kind of footwear is the best for short skirts. It can be worn over the knee or below. They work best for the cold weather, especially with tights.


Urban legends, cold, beanies, caps and all sorts of things!

Do you believe in the urban legend that the people tend to lose most of their body heat through the head? Well, turns out that’s completely and utterly wrong, like most of the things you’ve read on the internet. Sure, it’s not wise to expose your head to the frigid winter gales and snow (which is why producers offer wholesale caps), but the human head gives off the same amount of heat as any other part of the body. And since it’s about 7% of the skin surface, it only accounts for 7% of your heat loss. Nevertheless, you need to protect the exposed skin, your face and extremities.

Luckily for us, various businesspeople sell wholesale caps all year round – you can find there our favourite kind of hat – the beanie! I know sporting goods stores that host dozens of beanies all year round.

wholesale capsWhat’s so great about beanies? Well, they’re simple and elegant. The classic beanie style should cover your whole forehead and ears. The front of the beanie should be worn a little above your eyebrows. Let this hat slouch a little in the back, for the convenience. If you have shorter than shoulder-length hair, feel free to push the bangs beneath the hat. Wholesale caps are good as hiding greasy or badly dyed hair, let me tell you this!

And if it gets really cold, you could always roll the cuff of the beanie once – creating a warmer band which will cover your ears. The beanie will fit more snugly, so you can let your hair flow freely.

The beanies come in all the colours – black is naturally the most common. But you also can browse mustard yellow, tabby orange and darker shades – these are quite fashionable recently. Before you decide to purchase a winter cap, look at the style and material of your wholesale caps: there are woollen hats, poppy caps, caps with ear folds, camel hair caps, and all you might think of.


How to design custom wholesale track suits

If you want to design custom wholesale track suits, you could try and create your own designs on the computer rather than paying somebody else to do it. For smaller projects such as for teams or clubs, designing your own may be the best option you have.

wholesale track suitsThere are websites online that let you submit a design for printing on your wholesale track suits. Most of these sites will have some kind of online design program where you can create an image. The ones I have seen carry a large inventory of fonts to choose from as well as clipart. You can also see a preview of how the design will look on the garment. My favourite way to use these services, however, are to get custom designs sent in. You can easily find free graphic programs like GIMP, so the artwork will be of high quality in this way the printer will have the best quality image available to work with. Some places don’t even charge much more for having you send in your own design for wholesale track suits. The most popular options for getting them done is screen printing, digital printing and embroidery.

In screen printing, there is a physical screen. This usually is for one colour only, but you could use more screens for extra colours and effects. Costs usually go up with a number of colours as well. It’s a quick and effective method, especially when you have a large amount of wholesale track suits to print on.

The price of the entire order will be dependent on the number of garments in the order. Typically if the order is large enough the price, including the custom screen printing, can be as low as $10 per garment if the wholesale track suits are purchased in bulk. If a more expensive brand of garment material is chosen, for example, NIKE and Adidas tracksuits, the price for custom suits may be much greater.


How to clean and care for your leather clothes?

If you think cleaning and caring for your women clothing wholesale is hard, wait until you try to clean and tend to your leather clothes. Both types of fabric are tough to clean, and of course, a woman’s work in keeping them clean and maintaining them is never done. If there is any consolation on the cleanup effort, it is the fact that you don’t need a lot of stuff to maintain your leather clothes.

You don’t need a lot of accessories to clean and maintain your leather jacket, pants or other women clothing wholesale. You’ll basically need a sponge, a towel, and some leather cleaner or protector to care for your investment. You need to apply a layer of leather cleaner on the garment’s exterior. It’s not good to use shoe shine! Any stains can be removed using a sponge soaked in warm water.

women clothing wholesaleIf your leather pants get wet, hang them out to dry in a cool place. In case you have to bring them to the dry cleaners, remember to ask them whether they have any experience cleaning leather women clothing wholesale. Only let dry cleaners that are experienced in handling leather articles clean your clothes.

You don’t need a rock hard ripped body in order to put on leather apparel. In fact, there are stores that sell plus size leather clothing. Men and women have the right to wear fashionable clothes, leather ones included. Average prices of leather pants, for example, will be around a hundred Euros a pair. However, you will find some pants that sell for less or even half the average price. Remember that unless you’re buying women clothing wholesale very cheap pants might be a knockoff or made of fake leather. Nevertheless, if you are really willing to make quite an investment on these pants then you should be willing to spend more from 100€ to 200€ on a designer pair.


Ushankas, trapper hats or wholesale ladies caps?

Winter is leaving, but February can be just as cold as December as the winter makes its vengeance. Which is why you need to protect your head. If you still don’t have your hat, consider stores which have wholesale ladies caps at affordable prices. But there are many other styles of hats available on the market.

wholesale ladies capsUshanka is a very famous style, for example. Many westerners see it as a traditional Russian hat but it actually has become widely adopted by many northern Europeans as well as non-Russian central European and Asiatic peoples.  The Ushanka has earflaps that can either be tied at the crown of the hat or under the chin depending on the need. Unlike most wholesale ladies caps, this is made of fur. The original Ushankas were made from the skin/fur of animals, with the most luxurious ones crafted from the skin of sables, which are indigenous to northern Asia and Russian Siberia.  However as the cost of animal fur increased and lower cost substitutes developed, Ushankas began to be crafted using sheep’s wool and cotton.  Subsequently, synthetic animal furs were used.  Due to the Ushankas’ design and reputation, it remains one of the worlds’ most functional and popular winter hat.  The hat is functional enough for everyday use, but can also be formal enough for more distinct occasions.  

The Trapper hat is the north American equivalent of the Ushanka.  Originally manufactured primarily from beaver skin (though some other animal fur could be substituted depending on the animals indigenous to a geographic location), the trapper serves the same role as the ushanka.  It also has earflaps, and so female trapper hats are distinguishable from wholesale ladies caps easily.  Modern Trappers are manufactured from a wide variety of animal furs as well as synthetic furs, you can also find them made from wool, cotton or other modern materials.  As traditional hunting garb, the Trapper isn’t generally considered “formal attire.”


Bermudas, khaki, cargo shorts… choices for us!

There are many different styles of women’s wholesale shorts available for today’s busy woman. At some offices, typically on casual Fridays, a woman could wear dressier shorts. The Bermuda shorts might be a perfect style for this casual work day. They are a longer kind of shorts with a little wider leg than other shorts and have a more ‘pulled together’ look. Some of the Bermuda shorts have pleats and a small cuff at the bottom to make them ‘dressier’.

The material for wholesale shorts needs to be lightweight in the summer so you will not be sweating too much from heavy fabrics. Blue jeans shorts are sometimes heavy but can be comfortable in an air-conditioned setting. If wearing blue jean shorts to work, a woman should make sure they are clean without holes or rips. Some denim wholesale shorts are sometimes a bit longer and stop before the knee and look nice on a woman paired with a cotton Polo shirt and some casual loafers. Women can wear sandals for work, but only on a more casual day.

Many ladies prefer the comfort and look of khaki shorts or cargo shorts. These are dressy enough to wear to work or casual enough to wear on a date. If the become tattered at the bottom, the edges fray, they should be worn as casual wear and not to the office.

wholesale shortsShorts for women at the office should always be clean and comfortable you should avoid the cargo shorts. This style of wholesale shorts sometimes has several large pockets to hold a wallet or cell phone and keys. Men like them, because they seem practical – but women keep their personal items in handbags, and so the pockets are empty. Not only that, but they add volume to your legs, and so these cargo shorts should be avoided by women.

How to wear larger tops when you’re larger

There are numerous wholesale ladies tops available on the market. But fashion, in my opinion, is all about finding your way and showcasing your appearance.  And a crucial part of the function of your appearance and your top is making your hips visibly wider and your chest visibly smaller. A lot of women claim that they have a big chest and hence a ruffled blouse or some other wholesale ladies tops like this can make the chest look smaller. This is because ruffles shift the focus and make it look smaller. Also, wearing ruffled blouses makes you look curvier. In case you want your hips to look wider then pair up the ruffled blouse with a pencil skirt or boot cut pants.

wholesale ladies tops Generally, the rule of thumb to be followed is that if you are wearing a tight bottom like leggings of pencil fit jeans, then you should pair them with a loose white cotton blouse. This is particularly true if you are apple or pear shaped. The loose wholesale ladies tops tend to draw attention away from your hips while darker coloured bottoms make you look slimmer.

Thin hipped women with flat waists can afford to wear a fitted or tight cotton blouse over fitted trousers or jeans. Ideally, most stylists recommend finding a men’s style but in a more fitted pattern for women. Wear the fitted silhouette wholesale ladies tops with trousers or jeans and then combine it with a well-cut blazer to make the perfect formal outfit.

For informal occasions, choose a white cotton blouse which has larger shoulders. Ruches and ruffles on the shoulders accompanied with a fitted waist are perfect for parties if you combine them with a flared skirt, a fitted black skirt and boots or leggings. The last variety which is very difficult to carry off is the asymmetrical white cotton blouse. Although the style looks beautiful, it’s very difficult to carry off. Wear the white shirt with classic blue jeans, or with a narrowed down pencil skirt.


The new trend – hand made lingerie

Have you heard about the trend of hand-made lingerie? More and more women choose to replace their cheap wholesale panties with a special pair custom-made for them. With the hand-made underwear, the emphasis is not usually on generating really the most profit but rather on providing the most beneficial customer experience. Consequently, handmade lingerie is usually created from the finest fabrics that can be found, unlike your typical cotton wholesale panties. An example is the handmade panties created from bamboo fabric, which encompasses all that’s good in intimate wear. It combines the sheerness of silk with the breathability of cotton to generate magnificent products that are not only reasonably priced but also are very Eco-friendly.

wholesale pantiesBamboo fabric is often a favourite for handmade lingerie simply because it is a purely organic material that’s also comfortable and sleek. It is antibacterial and antifungal which ensures it is perfect for the intimate apparel. Few cotton wholesale panties can boast that. These attributes along with the sheerness with the material allow your lingerie to easily cling to your skin without the threat of allergic reactions.

Lingerie is supposed to increase the high quality of daily life of a lady. The beautifully made lingerie can only add towards the inner and outer beauty of a woman. Making use of handmade eco-friendly lingerie will also contribute to improving the quality of our life on Earth by lowering your own private environmental footprint.

Lingerie is surely an incredibly private issue and obtaining it does not have to be impersonal. Thanks to hand-made panties you can acquire lingerie that is made and fitted with you in thoughts, giving it that personal touch. Whenever your panties lie comfortably at your skin, you know that a great deal of thought and care went into making that special piece for any special lady.