How to shop for shirts wholesale if you’re fat

Recently I have discovered that there are some manufacturers of clothes that while not officially “plus size” in fact do have something for the larger women, many of whom have a characteristic hourglass or sometimes a pear shape. Unfortunately, though these usually shirts wholesale or other clothes only extend to no bigger than extra large sizes, or 16 (US).

So if you are looking for plus size shirts wholesale, you will clearly browse all the formal female clothing that an outlet or manufacturer is offering. Sometimes, though, a manufacturer will state that a garment is intended for formal wear or perhaps casual wear, but ultimately it’s your decision where and when to wear it, innit. A lot of shirts wholesale are in between, meaning that you can mix them with other items to define just how formal they actually are. An example in point would be some shirts wholesale that can be teamed with a nice official jacket but are in fact quite casual in their design.

shirts wholesaleAn example could be some satin shirts wholesale. These are incredibly comfortable to wear because they are soft and silky. They are also guaranteed to make you feel seductive and special. But because they aren’t really made of silk, these comfortable satin blouses are less expensive than silk. Of course, these are soft, gentle and incredibly comfortable.

Large size satin shirts wholesale come in all shapes and sizes – some obviously larger than others. Their designs can also vary as do different colours, although it is true that both black and white shirts wholesale seem to be perpetually in fashion, since they will match practically every outfit. While it is true that dark colours are generally more flattering to the fuller figure, white is also a really good option. On her website, Oprah Winfrey has a whole section dedicated to white shirts wholesale! And we all know that the esteemed Oprah loves plus size blouses.


Blouson tops and other shirts wholesale

What exactly is a blouson top? I never was too clear on the difference between a blouse and a shirt, and a blouson top is some kind of combination. Some manufacturers of shirts wholesale offer blouson tops as well. They are very versatile pieces, working as formal office wear and more casual pieces. They have been adapted by many other outfits, and some of the stars were known for wearing this kind of tops. What’s great is that this kind of shirt works well with undershirts, skirts, and dresses. This is a very flattering style for many women that you should consider. It’s available in various lengths and styles.

shirts wholesaleA regular blouson top is a style of woman’s garment that is a flowing top with a more fitted waistband. It’s a “tight belt”. Some blouson tops end there, but others continue and have a length of extra fabric that covers your hips. Some blousons have regulated fitted waistband – there’s a drawstring which makes it even snugger across your waist. It resembles a shirt that’s tucked in, and which makes it more structured. Many producers offer soft, lightweight blouson tops as summer shirts wholesale for the summer tops. Dressier blousons are typically long-sleeved and made of more substantial fabric.

Blousons come also in the great variety of colors and prints. What’s great about them is that they work great for women who are wider around their lower section than at the shoulders. They can create a nice feeling of a fitted waistline, or they can disguise your stomach area if that is not your favorite feature. If you’re more of an apple figure, a blouson top may not be your top choice since it can make your figure look unbalanced.

If you have finally found the perfect blouson top, you should find some accessories and other clothes that will go with it. Since this style of top is somewhat looser, but will well-defined waist, it will go well with a pencil skirt. If you want to create a billowing effect, you should try a more fitted cardigan or blazer. This type of top often has a well-defined neckline, so many necklaces and scarves might not be effective. However, it could look good with a bolder piece of jewelry.


Should you wear plaid shirts?

My friend Isabella says that plaid is for lumberjacks, Scottish clan warriors, and tomboys. She is neither of these things, and she despises plaid… mostly because it’s too casual or maybe cowgirl-ish for her. Plaid shirts, however, still resonate with me, maybe because I’ve been raised on grunge music or with my cowboy vibe. I look at wholesale shirts in large stores and tend to pick plaid ones.

wholesale shirtsPlaid is a bold pattern, often can draw attention to your body – so you shouldn’t match it with plaid skirts or tights. Being too matchy can seem weird. You should also be wary of similar patterns like gingham or similar colors. If you must, pair it with neutral solids. The classic grunge combo is a plaid overshirt, black T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans – perhaps slightly distressed. Avoid clashing patterns. Alternatively, you can button up your plaid shirt, wear it with a denim jacket and dark leggings.

The classic plaid shirt was flannel, working best to fall and winter months. There are many options for plaid as well – cotton plaid shirts work well for summer or spring.

Can you rock a plaid shirt with a business suit? I’d say you could, for a semi-casual vibe. I’ve seen guys with a gentle, fitted pink plaid shirts matching dark suits and navy ties, but in general, plaid is for the casual look. When I see a man in a plaid shirt, I think of physical labor. Blue collar, not white collar.

Women can make use of this stereotype, wearing rugged, oversized shirts. Many boutiques get large shirts and buy them as wholesale shirts for women. You can match them perfectly with a tight, figure-hugging pair of leggings.  Another fun way for ladies to wear plaid shirts is as a belt or a skirt – especially for the college vibe. It adds a splash of color to your outfit, and you can wear it if it gets chilly.