Classic cashmere cardigan wholesale sweaters

If you’re shopping for classic and versatile clothes for yourself or for your customers you should consider cashmere cardigan wholesale sweaters. The cardigan is a classic top no matter what it is crafted from. It is a button-up sweater that can be buttoned or left unbuttoned and is usually worn over another top, from a blouse to simple T-shirt. These wholesale sweaters come in both crew and V-neck styles. When made from cashmere, the cardigan goes from functional wardrobe staple to luxurious fashion showpiece. Cashmere is the finest natural fibre you can get, derived from the rare mountain goats bred for their fine, downy undercoat. From this undercoat, the cashmere is derived.

wholesale sweatersClassCashmere is very light, flexible, extremely soft and much warmer than sheep wool. It has a fuzzy appearance although the long fibre wholesale sweaters will look fuzzier than the short fibre ones.  Wholesale sweaters made from cashmere can be layered over a chemise, tank or even a fitted T-shirt. It all depends on the look you’re going for.

You can wear a cardigan with a regular top and jeans, or dress it up with a lacy blouse and a skirt or slacks for work. Cardigans can be tossed on over dresses for added warmth and paired with pearls for a preppy chic look. Basically, they can be worn with most anything in your closet. When selecting wholesale sweaters, try one on before you buy to make sure it is the style and fit you want. Cashmere is expensive so purchasing one of these sweaters should be done with careful consideration.

Cashmere cardigan wholesale sweaters are available from many department stores. You may even find them at a secondhand store for a fantastic price. While you probably should wash secondhand clothing before you wear it, cashmere must be hand washed and laid flat to dry.