A new cool trend of wholesale trousers – for goalkeepers

In America, there’s a new trend called “soccer moms”, soccer being the American word for association football (the one with a round black and white ball). Because the association football, unlike the American handegg, is much rarely causing permanent brain damage, it’s thought of as a game for kids. So a soccer mom is also someone from the middle class who spends a lot of time working and drives her kids to soccer practices.

Perhaps you are a kind of soccer mom even if you don’t live in the USA. If you a goalkeeper or a parent of a goalkeeper, you have probably already experienced the minefield of goalkeeping information out there on this product range of goalkeeper wholesale trousers and just how many pairs of padded goalkeeper pant there is out on the market!

wholesale trousersThere are GK wholesale trousers on the market with 1mm to padding to 10cm of padding, in different types of materials, some good, some okay and some really bad that not only offer little or no protection but they can also cause grass burns. If you have had a grass burn before you will understand just how painful these injuries are and also how it can effect they way you play and train as a goalkeeper.

Also, some unscrupulous sellers of goalie wholesale trousers will recommend these items to you just because it puts more profits in their pockets because some of these trousers can sell as much as $100. However, the good news is, you should never pay a lot of money to get a good pair of padded goalkeeping trousers which is good because you can go through a few pairs while goalkeeper training.

In Europe, most kids are content simply playing in their regular trousers, but it’s not unheard of boys and girls to join football clubs for kids. They might need getting wholesale trousers for their entire team, so consider this!


How to find good quality trousers

Currently, we can all agree that the suits no longer dominate the workplace. You need to remember that the current dress code is more relaxed. In many jobs jeans are more appropriate, some companies even buy wholesale trousers for their workers. But in general, more and more men are now wearing separate jackets and trousers.

You can easily match your jackets and wholesale trousers you happen to have bought. In many ways, the dress code can be more relaxed, and so the outfit will be more complicated for men and women. Suddenly you have to make twice as many decisions regarding the range of cloth, color and pattern. You need to match both the jacket and the trousers to your shirt, not to mention the tie, shoes or hats.

wholesale trousersThe key to wearing suit pieces separates is contrast. Don’t try to find wholesale trousers that match your jacket – both items must clearly be differentiated from each other. And the simplest way to do this is first through color, then the pattern. In general, these two clothes need to be contrasting in appearance but similar in their formality.

A good example is picking really formal dress trousers, but lighten them up with simple casual pieces like a denim shirt and a leather jacket.  When looking for a jacket to pair up with the dress pants, make sure it’s fitted to your body and breathable. Ignore the baggy pants or an oversized suit jacket. Also look at what materials you’re working with. If you have a pair of simple tweed trousers, they will look best when paired with other rugged materials such as corduroy, denim, and beefy cotton.

In general, if you want to turn more flexible, start with your shirt – match the trousers so that it contrast on the light-dark scale, and the jacket will contrast on the color wheel… or vice versa.

Bracers, suspenders and wholesale trousers

Bracers are called suspenders by Americans. This piece of rubber might seem a bit outdated these days, but nevertheless, they might be a very practical fashion accessory! Many women who have atypical bodies can benefit from bracers, especially if the local retailers don’t source wholesale trousers in your size.

wholesale trousersShould you take bracers to work? Well, it depends on the trousers you wear. I used to wear a loose pair of trousers and I might have worn suspenders, but when I worked in a major financial center I had to wear a button-down shirt and black pencil skirt all the time even though I was basically locked in a cubicle, never contacting customers face-to-face. Some employers often buy costumes for their workers – you should never wear bracers with wholesale trousers!

Why not? Well, few off-the-rack wholesale trousers these days come with button holes, especially for women. Most suspenders on the market don’t have buttons, but instead, they have metal clips or clamps. They can damage the waist of your trousers. Bracers can work best with jeans, and they are less appropriate for more elegant bottom wear.

In fact, many fashionistas insist that bracers are underwear. If working, you should hide them under the jacket. The movies show us that the police chief in shirt and suspenders is working late, he’s tired and he took off his jacket. Don’t be him, unless you, too, have your reasons! Of course, women have some opportunity to wear colorful suspenders with casual trousers like jeans. In this case, do display them, especially if they’re meant to be attractive!

Vivid bracers work best with toned down trousers and shirt. Dark navy or black jeans will be great if matched with a bright off-white shirt. For that “tough grrl” look, you can pick distressed and embellished trousers. You can top it with accessories like badges, a colorful bandana or an old-school hat.

Getting into my pants…

wholesale short trousersFinding the perfect pair of pants is a life-long dream of mine. Invariably some are too tight, others are too short. It’s rare that the store-bought pants will fit me perfectly – even though they might be my size. I was once so desperate I thought of going to a warehouse and checking out wholesale short trousers. Sometimes I have to take them to my tailor to fit them to my body shape. Recently, though, I’ve been reading on how to do it myself at home.

I usually rolled up my pants, until I reached thirty and realized that I won’t grow into them even more. That’s why I had to learn how to hem my pants. It’s really easy – when I roll them up, I mark the end points and leave around a centimeter for the hem. To be extra sure, I double-check with a measuring tape. I could, of course, use the tape to shorten the jeans even further – making them into shorts. If you want to, you can use the pins to stiffen the hem, before you start cutting and sewing. They will hold the leg in place. After securing the new hem, turn the bottom of the leg inside out, smoothing it out. Sew the new hem, removing the pins in the process. After everything is done, iron the hem, flattening it out.

I haven’t lengthened my pants yet, but you should remove the original hem first and pull the thread. Use a seam ripper, and unfold the pants. Normally, the hem of the jeans and other pants is created by folding them – but if you want to lengthen the pants you need to add some lining to the inside of the hem. Pick a neutral fabric, cut 4 strips that will fit the new seam, and sew them in. Iron the pants, and then fold the edge over the new hem, sew it together and iron it again. Or, if you’re talentless at sewing, you can always order dozens of wholesale short trousers.