A ’50s Style Outfit with Contemporary Contaminations

I hesitated before publishing these pics, because they were taken the day of my car accident: some hours later the fool deed happened. But then I thought it would have been pointless not to do it. Moreover, the photos are nice and I’m better now… Ok, that’s enough: I want to archive this bad experience for good and go ahead! 🙂 Before I do that, I have to thank those who have been virtually with me, leaving sweet messages on this blog and on my other social media. Thanks girls, I’ve really appreciated it! A big big hug!
And now let’s talk about the retro style look of these pics.
There are two diametrically opposite things when I shop that make me particularly proud: spending my money on expensive designer bags, shoes and clothes I’ve drooled over; or, vice versa, finding by chance real bargains on which I spend nothing – human oddities: each to their own. After that, it is even more galvanizing for me to create a “democratically fashion look” by pairing them in the same outfit.
More or less, this is the story of my paisley print midi skirt, bought at a street market in Milan. I paid for it one Euro! Yes, it’s true! Neither low-cost brands‘ prices such as ZaraH&M and Mango are so competitive!
I’ve styled this midi skirt so as to create a ’50s-style outfit with some contemporary contaminations, given by the Sport and Wellness women’s clothes touch of the bomber Womens Coats and Jackets and the romantic mood of the lace top.
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