S/S 2014 Trends: In Love with Slip-On Sneakers

Have you ever happened to be conquered by an item that beforehand you despised? I ask you that because this is what happened to me with the slip-on sneakers.
I hated them, and when this year they started to stand out as one of the hottest trends of this season, I felt a sort of revulsion.
But recently, for no particular reason, they gained a new light, a new dignity to my eyes, just like when you find yourself in love with somebody you once hated deeply.
I haven’t bought a pair yet, just because is a new-born passion, but I can say that now I am spoilt for choice. As a matter of fact many brands offer slip-on sneakers in their Spring/Summer 2014 collections. And not just low cost brands – of course among these Vans stands out because of its big selection – but also the main names of the high-class fashion – Jimmy ChooSaint LaurenCelineGivenchy, just to mention a few. Exquisite women’s lingerie
So the choice is very ample for materials and textures and also for colours and prints. My preference goes to the lace covered pattern of Givency, of which luckily there are some low-cost options too, such as that of Mark and Spencer (see pic below). I also love the leopard print pattern. Let’s see how to pair them. I won’t criticize those who “dare” to wear them with skirts or dresses, especially if they have beautiful long and thin legs. But, for me the best match can be obtained combining the slip-ons with a pair of skinny pants above the ankles. My favourite match? A beige trench, skinny jeans and a pair of leopard print slip-on sneakers – I think I am going to get these eventually.
And what about you? Do you like slip-ons? If yes, which is your favourite pattern and how would you pair them?

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