Spring /Summer 2014 Trends: Will Platform Shoes Be In or Out?

Some articles I read at the beginning of last autumn have lately come to my mind. They foresaw the present season fashion trends and also declared that platform shoes would be out-of-date. Actually, facts have proved that prediction wasn’t perfectly right. As a matter of fact, although their preeminence has been in decline, platform shoes haven’t been completely put aside, since we have seen them in some brands’ collections- Gucci, for example- and, most of all, since many women- famous and not famous- have decided to wear them anyway. Women’s Dresses in Chicago
But what about next season? If we choose to wear them, will it be without having the feeling of walking in an obsolete pair of shoes? The answer seems to be “yes”, judging from what we saw in Milan, Paris, London and New York spring/summer 2014 ready-to-wear shows: in some of them they made a short appearance, in others their presence was more considerable- like in Vivienne Westwood show.

So, I’d say that women, like me, who love walking on stilts higher than 5,8 inches without renouncing to a relative comfort won’t have to trow their platform shoes away- I wouldn’t do it, anyway- and, If they want to, they can buy some new pairs.

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