Finally, within a few hours, I will allow myself some relax at the seaside: an unscheduled last minute short holiday at just the right moment, because this was what I really needed!
I haven’t had the chance yet to go to an H&M‘s store and purchase those fabulous bikinis I saw on their online store (of which I talked here) – I’m at my parent’s house in Sicily and it takes more than an hour by car to get to the nearest one. Never mind: yesterday I went for a walk and bought two bikinis on sale at a Yamamay‘s little store. Women’s fashion
As you can see, in both cases, I have paired the top with the bottom: in sales time we have to do with what we’ve got.
Since I haven’t done it yet, I also show you the tropical print bomber jacket – I love it, its fabric is so light, impalpable – and the crochet shorts I had purchased at Stradivarius before I left from Pavia.
I hope tomorrow there won’t be any storms here! It seems that the bad weather will arrive soon in Southern Italy too…
So, I will be away from my blog until the end of this week and perhaps it will be difficult for me to visit you back on your blogs. But, if I don’t do it soon, surely it will be after my return. Women’s Dresses in Columbus
Kisses and ’till the next!